Betty Welcome to everyone on our new website.
More modern, it is above all in harmony and in line with a commitment to development of our association.

Promote the culture of the lyrical and dramatic Gravelinois remains our breadcrumbs. It is also a collective ambition... Our work is vital energy in a strong community spirit, is a real sharing of ideas.

Beyond the appointments that we give throughout the year to all those with an interest in culture but also the life of the AGPMT, this tool will create a link between all larger.
Passionate about music and theater, cultural encounters between us. This is a great idea that I not defend above all... in a turbulent and difficult news, where the role of social and human cultural projects is not to be underestimated.
Moment of musical and theatrical delights offered not our professional artists and those fans of the band Lyricomegra are essential. These moments, such as open windows on the universe animated and sung, beautify our lives.
Président of the AGPMT